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history1PEG Bandwidth is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions, including cell site backhaul and Small Cell as a Service for wireless operators and Ethernet, Wavelengths and Dark Fiber for telecom carriers and enterprises.

Whether the challenge is improving network reach and quality, increasing capacity or maintaining cost certainty for the future, PEG Bandwidth will deliver a custom-designed, technology- and access-agnostic solution.

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Uniquely Positioned


PEG Bandwidth is uniquely positioned to
solve a variety of network needs, from
turnkey small cell solutions to assisting
with backhaul needs in lower-tier and rural
markets where operators are struggling to
find carrier-class, scalable solutions.

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Trusted Experience


PEG Bandwidth’s team of backhaul experts
aggregates traffic across these disparate
networks to provide a seamless, end-to-end
solution from a wireless operator’s cell site
to their switching facility.

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